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Shaving Brush Dripstand faux Ivory

Product Dripstand faux Ivory Simpsons  Mens

  • Shaving Brush Dripstand faux Ivory
  • Shaving Brush Dripstand faux Ivory
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  • This superbly designed Simpson plastic shaving brush dripstand comes complete with an adhesive peel off backing which will allow you to strategically hang your brush from any wall surface in your bathroom.

    This wonderfully crafted faux Ivory stand measures 75mm tall x 50mm wide x 50mm deep and has an clear opening or hanging diameter of 27mm, making it ideal for the majority of the Simpson shaving brush range.

    If you want a clever, cost effective way to store your brush & let any excess moisture drip away following your daily shave routine then this is the option for you.

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  • Very good

    It works perfectly.

    Francesco Brenna

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