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The Colonel - X2L

Product Col-X21 Simpsons  Mens

  • The Colonel - X2L
  • The Colonel - X2L
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  • This military shaving brush is turned in one size only and filled with Best Badger hair.

    Described by many as the perfect introduction to the Simpson stable of brushes. The Colonel X2L represents amazing value for money and is a very versatile performer, equally adept with both shaving soaps & creams.

    Colonel X2L approximate brush specifications:

    Overall brush height - 98mm
    Handle height - 53mm
    Knot loft - 45mm
    Knot diameter - 21mm
    Weight - 63g

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  • Colonel X2: fantastic shaving brush

    the brush is fantastic and exceeded my expectations. I have used it for several days now and I am very happy. I can only recommend this shaving brush. Excellent quality for a decent price.

    Daniel Steiner

  • My first Simpsons brush

    It is not too big or too small. The weight is also appropriate. Feels good in the hand when applying foam to the face. Colonel is a good brush with good value. My next brush will be Chubby.

    Best regards from Poland.


  • An excellent value!

    This is my first Simpsons brush and it will not be my last.
    This brush has a good backbone and a pleasant soft feel on your face.
    It lathers beautifully and efficiently.
    You will have no problem generating generous lather with this brush.
    I look forward to many years of fine shaves with the Colonel X2L.

    Thanks Simpsons!

    Edwin Vieregg

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