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Barbican Boar Bristle faux Ivory

Product Barbican Boar Bristle faux Ivory Simpsons  Mens

  • Barbican Boar Bristle faux Ivory
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  • Alexander Simpson are delighted to introduce our long awaited Barbican Boar Bristle shaving brush in faux Ivory.

    We have been asked many times why we haven't added a boar bristle offering within our shaving brush line up. Well, here it is, and what a fine brush we have produced in terms of price point, aesthetics and performance.

    Barbican approximate brush specifications:

    Overall brush height - 105mm

    Knot height - 53mm

    Handle height - 52mm

    Knot diameter - 22mm

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  • Looks promising!

    I’m hesitant to review a product, especially a boar brush at such an early stage. I’ve found boar brushes to really develop over time, but early signs look promising. My usual method of a few wet/dry cycles and hand lathering put the Barbican into rotation. It has softened and bloomed considerably and I easily whipped up ample lather for my regular routine. It’s a workman like brush, well balanced with approachable dimensions and a rather densely packed knot. The handle is simple and understated, user friendly. I see good things ahead, time will tell.

    Graham Macdonald

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