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Chubby - CH3

Product ChubbySup-3 Simpsons  Mens

  • Chubby - CH3
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  • The iconic Chubby series is turned in three sizes. The Chubby 3 available here in Simpson's legendary Super (Silvertip) Badger hair. The unrivalled knot construction & density of these truly brilliant brushes can never be overstated.

    The Chubby shaving brush is globally acknowledged as the finest shaving brush ever produced.

    Chubby 3 Super (Silvertip) Badger approximate brush specifications:

    Overall brush height - 105mm
    Handle height - 48mm
    Knot loft - 57mm
    Knot diameter - 29mm
    Weight - 108g

    The ultimate face lathering experience.

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  • Excellent quality, but misses mark

    I have no complaints about the quality or anything. It’s a beautiful piece with incredible super Badger hair, and an awesome wide handle that I actually love.

    For me, it’s just too much hair/too dense. It holds 16 ounces of water after soaking (lol, not that much, but it holds A LOT). It also EATS up soap like a hungry beast. I need to use 2x the amount that I use with basically any other brush. Because of the massive amount of absorption and soap required, creating good lather can be tie consuming and difficult when first using this monster. Luckily the wide body handle is super comfortable and a dream to work with. It fills out my hand and I can palm a nba regulation basketball. With a hearty grip you can really do control your brush motions.

    My opinion, go for the CH2. This is a “collector/conversation starter” for the dude who’s got everything already. A novelty.

    Matthew Laurence

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