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Simfix SF1 Synthetic Bristle faux Ebony

Product NEW RELEASE Simfix SF1 Synthetic Bristle faux Ebony Simpsons  Mens

  • Simfix SF1 Synthetic Bristle faux Ebony
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  • Simfix (a manufacturing collaboration between the world renowned Simpson & Vulfix brands) are delighted to announce the arrival of this eagerly anticipated synthetic fibre shaving brush.

    The brush has been described by Mark Watterson (Managing Director of Simpson) as a "game changer" in the extremely competitive synthetic shaving brush market owing to it's beautiful appearance, sleek lines & ergonomic qualities, but more so for the jaw dropping price point & amazing performance.

    The brush features a lathe turned, highly polished faux Ebony handle & is filled with just about the perfect weight & density of our uniquely sourced synthetic bristle. The handle carries the SimFix logo on the front & the wording 'Hand Made', 'Synthetic Bristle', 'Great Britain' on the reverse.

    Simfix SF1 approximate brush specifications:

    Overall brush height - 98mm

    Handle height - 46mm

    Loft - 52mm

    Knot diameter - 25mm

    Brush weight - 60g

    Please note that these brushes are hand made to order, as such manufacturing times can be anywhere between 7 - 14 days.


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  • Simfix SF1 - Synthetic Shaving Brush

    I've delayed this review for several months. Over the last four years, I've been through three badger brushes of a similar price - but made by other manufacturers. All three started to shed bristles, on a daily basis, after the first few weeks.

    Happily, my Simfix SF1 has not shed a single bristle.

    This is my first synthetic brush. The bristles are springier than natural ones, but I don't find this to be either a good or a bad thing. And it's something I no longer notice.

    Overall, an excellent shaving brush at a very fair price.

    Robert Hothersall

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