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Alexander Simpson Est. 1919 Bay Rum Ultra-Glide Shave Cream

Product Alexander Simpson Est. 1919 Bay Rum Ultra-Glide Shave Cream Simpsons  Mens

  • Alexander Simpson Est. 1919 Bay Rum Ultra-Glide Shave Cream
  • Alexander Simpson Est. 1919 Bay Rum Ultra-Glide Shave Cream
  • Alexander Simpson Est. 1919 Bay Rum Ultra-Glide Shave Cream
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  • Scotsman Alexander Simpson started production of shaving brushes and male grooming ancillaries in 1919 and is widely regarded as a pioneer in the industry. Manufacturing was originally based in the East end of London but later in Clapham. In 1941, following the loss of his factory during the World War II German Luftwaffe blitz, production was moved to the West Country at the famous Nimmer Mill. Today Simpson shaving brushes and associated products are manufactured by Progress Shaving Brush (Vulfix) Limited on the historic Isle of Man. They continue to be produced in the traditional way using hand tied knots by time served, skilled workers.  

    Alexander Simpson Est. 1919 Bay Rum Ultra-Glide Shave Cream.

    A deep & spicy scent with a background bouquet of Bergamot, Orange, Nutmeg & Vetyver.

    Net. Wt. 180ml, 6.08 fl. oz.

    Our new range of Alexander Simpson Est. 1919 soft goods epitomise what is great about our company. Heritage, quality and tradition.

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  • Bay Rum Shaving Cream

    Fantastic shaving cream. I shave with a straight razor and have been doing so for many years. This shaving cream produces an excellent lather, smells great and provides a well hydrated smooth shave. It has a nice consistency straight out of the tub not too thick or thin. I have nearly used one tub and intend to buy another before I run out.

    It's already one of my favourites!

    Robert D Purchase

  • 10 out 10! Fantastic shave , with nice, but not over powering sent

    Like all Simpson creams this is near perfect ~ great lather achieved with little cream, smooth, slick ~ really top notch and in my opinion is one of best shave creams in the world. Bay Rum is normally not my favourite as can be too strong on scent ~ however this one is balanced and a nice, not over bearing scent. Ranking ? I give it 10 out 10. My only dislike is that I wish it was in a glass jar with an aluminium rather than plastic


  • Hit this out of the park

    First off I won a contest from Simpson and got this cream free.
    Now to the review.

    The scent is amazing. The perfect strength not being to light or slapping you in the face.

    All it takes is a very small amount of cream on the brush and a little water then the lather explodes into a dense, slick, creamy mountain.
    I used a very small amount of cream and easily had enough lather for 5+ passes.

    While shaving this stuff is slick! Was using a Gillette red tip and could not even tell there was a blade in the razor.

    After the shave face feel was soft, smooth and moist. No drying at all from this at all.

    Well worth the price of admission even if it was three times the retail price.

    The new Simpson creams will always have a place in my shave den.


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