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Trafalgar T3 Sovereign Fibre faux Ivory

Product Trafalgar T3 Sovereign Fibre faux Ivory Simpsons  Mens

  • Trafalgar T3 Sovereign Fibre faux Ivory
  • Trafalgar T3 Sovereign Fibre faux Ivory
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  • Scotsman Alexander Simpson started production of shaving brushes and male grooming ancillaries in 1919 and is widely regarded as a pioneer in the industry. Manufacturing was originally based in the East end of London but later in Clapham. In 1941, following the loss of his factory during the World War II German Luftwaffe blitz, production was moved to the West Country at the famous Nimmer Mill. Today Simpson shaving brushes and associated products are manufactured by Progress Shaving Brush (Vulfix) Limited on the historic Isle of Man. They continue to be produced in the traditional way using hand tied knots by time served, skilled workers.  

    The Trafalgar is the latest offering from our new line of Alexander Simpson Est. 1919 shaving brushes. This superbly crafted & eye catching lathe turned handle is filled with our uniquely sourced Sovereign grade synthetic fibre. The Trafalgar Series combines superb performance and build quality at a price point that brings smiles all round.

    Trafalgar T3 Approximate Specifications:

    Overall brush height - 100mm

    Handle height - 50mm

    Knot loft - 50mm

    Knot diameter - 26mm

    *PLEASE NOTE* Dispatched 10 - 14 days from order owing to demand

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  • Excellent brush

    After years of buying cheap bore brushes and not being able to afford a high-end badger brush I landed on the Trafalgar T3.
    I had pretty much given up on using a brush because of how crappy they were once they got wet but this brush changed my story.
    When wet this brush still has a nice dense knot that picks up so quickly and makes lather in no time. When you use this brush you really feel like you've got something of high quality there. The handle is not overly big but the brush overall feels quite man size. For me this was a game changer and all of my old crappy bushes are toast.


  • Excellent performer!

    I recently bought this brush (I already have a CH2 synthetic), and I am blown away by the quality. The handle feels substantial and comfortable, and the synthetic fibres are very good. Yes, I can feel the difference between this brush and the CH2 with the "synthetic bristle" knot. But the Trafalgar T3 is an excellent performer, especially given the price.


  • Simpson just earned my trust

    I am only 25 but I've been wet shaving since I was 13.
    Took some time to master, understand how a common thing today, cheap disposable was best before manufacturing focused on saving a dime instead of giving the customer the best possible product.
    I used cheap brushes before but there's nothing near cheap about the Trafalgar.
    I love how it is modern looking but never compromising the quality or heritage of the brand.
    I bought a T3 and I assure you you'll fall in love as I did. Nice medium backbone, soft as a silvertip and when you hold it it oozes that old world premium feel. I was going to congratulate the factory in an email but it's best if I share it for an undecided possible new customer. Maybe in the future I'll buy different razors, but I am not leaving Simpson anytime soon.


  • Just the job

    My first Simpson brush and first synthetic. What a quality product at a very affordable price,it’s a pleasure to use.

    John c

  • Surer

    A delightful brush. Beautiful and comfortable handle. Synthetic elastic, pleasant massage. Perfectly whips cream A. Simpsons. Recommend.


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