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Brush Use & Maintenance

Brush Use & Maintenance

Congratulations & thank you for purchasing your new Simpson shaving brush, we hope you are extremely happy with it. It is now vitally important you take special care of this brush to ensure it's longevity & optimum performance.

In regards the use & ongoing maintenance of your new Simpson shaving brush, we would recommend the following procedures:

When shaving try using paint brush back & forth strokes for lather building rather than circular 'mashing' motions which tend to put additional stress and pressure on the bristles. Excessive force can snap or dislodge bristles from their glue bond. Never leave your brush to soak in water at a temperature higher than your skin would withstand.

  • Ensure the shaving brush knot is completely rinsed free of ALL soap or cream residue post shave – Use clear warm water and gently squeeze the base of the knot to determine if all remnants are gone (This will prevent the build-up of mildew).
  • Shake the brush gently & lightly stroke the bristles against a very soft towel to remove any excess moisture present within the knot.
  • Leave to stand or hang (either is perfectly fine) in a well ventilated area, preferably very near to an open window. Insufficient drying time between shaves WILL result in mildew deep within the knot and eventual hair loss.
  • Try an alternate between two brushes if possible to allow a 48 hour drying period.
  • Shampoo your brush with normal hair product every month or so to keep it nice and clean.
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