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Our Heritage
Our Heritage

Hand Made in Britain

What makes a Simpson shaving brush truly unique?

Progress Shaving Brush (Vulfix) Limited acquired the Simpson brush brand in 2008 & the mission statement was simple. Keep making the world's finest shaving brushes by hand as they have been produced since the company was founded in 1919.

David Carter (the former owner of Simpson) had decided to sell the business in 2007 owing to an aging workforce but was faced with a dilemma. Mr. Carter, a staunch shaving traditionalist, was very keen to ensure that the manufacturing of Simpson brushes remained within the British Isles & the techniques used in their construction stayed true to the company heritage & foundation.

To that end, Mr. Carter turned to Philip Watterson (former Vulfix Managing Director), knowing that Progress Shaving were the only company in the British Isles still manufacturing their knots entirely by hand. Mr. Carter & Mr. Watterson were friends and had a mutual respect for each other. A deal was concluded quickly and Simpson relocated to the Isle of Man where today, these shaving brushes are still painstakingly made by hand. 

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