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The perfect shave with Simpson

The perfect shave with Simpson

Shave the Simpson way

To some shaving is a daily chore, a mundane necessity. It doesn't have to be like that  - make it an event, spoil yourself. As the saying goes - you're worth it! The shave is an essential & fundamental part of every gentleman's grooming routine. The tools & technique you adopt will determine just how good that experience can be. Here we guide you through the routine that should deliver the perfect Simpson shave.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

It maybe that you shave in the morning or last thing in the evening. The most important aspect however is allowing yourself plenty of time to do the job properly - you should treat your face with the utmost care, you only have one. Your shave should always begin by preparing the skin with either a warm water face rinse or more preferable, a hot shower. The warm water will not only soften your stubble, making it easier for your razor to cut through your hair, but it also opens up your pores. It will enable your razor to encounter less resistance as it glides across your skin. This is a very simple step, but one that can make a huge difference.

Oil up, Lather up.

You are now ready to begin. Start by generously applying Simpson naturally vitalising Pre-Shave Oil to your beard which has been carefully formulated to reduce the onset of horrible razor burn and skin irritation. The oil will also allow your razor to glide across the face more smoothly.

Your Simpson shaving brush of choice should be left to soak in warm water for a few minutes to allow the bristles to soften and retain heat. This water should NEVER be warmer than is comfortable to submerge your hand under. Too hot and the brush could be irreversibly damaged. Apply your Simpson luxury shaving cream using a shaving cup or scuttle to build lather or by simply dipping your brush tips into the cream and working directly on to the face. Simpson strongly advises that paint brush style strokes are used on the face to apply lather rather than swirling circular motions. By using a paint brush action, the risk of snapping bristles or dislodging loose bristles from the base of the knot is greatly reduced.

Perhaps the single most important task within the whole shaving routine is the cleaning of your brush when you have finished. You must ensure that all soap or cream residue is removed from the knot by rinsing it through with warm clean water. Gently squeeze the base of the knot to assess whether it is completely residue free before lightly stroking the bristles over a soft towel. Leave the damp brush to stand from it's base or hang from a stand in a well ventilated area, preferably close to an open window. Always allow your shaving brush to dry completely between uses to avoid any mildew spores developing within the knot which will almost certainly attack the bristle epoxy bond. A second brush purchase is highly recommended so a good 48 hour brush rotation can be adopted. Maintenance is everything.

The Scrape

Your razor is arguably as important as the shaving brush you choose to use. Your choice of razor will largely depend on your skin sensitivity, your shaving technique and of course how much time you are prepared to allow yourself.  For a relatively fast but effective shave, we would recommend a multi-blade razor, such as the Gillette Mach III or Fusion range. These types of razors generally feature a lubricating strip in their construction which is designed to ease the glide of the blade & prevent nasty razor burn.

The razor head & blades will pivot to follow the contour of the face as you shave. This quickens the shave, allows a little more margin for error & should reduce irritation to the skin. Replacement cartridges & blades do tend to be pricey however in comparison to the cost of blades for a double-edge razor.

Master barbers & the more traditional or experienced shaver will tend to use a Double-Edge (DE) razor or cut throat razor as they often produce a closer shave, although you should allow more time as more concentration is needed to perfect & refine your technique. Double-edge razor blades are reasonably well priced in comparison to cartridges, therefore allowing the user to change the blades more frequently. You should change your blade regularly, a blunt blade will damage your skin.

For the best results with your razor, use gentle strokes, too much pressure will inevitably lead to razor burn or cutting. The sharpness of the blade will do the work for you. A sturdy reasonably heavy DE razor is a solid investment.

Regularly rinse the blades in hot running water during the shave, especially important if you are using a Pre-Shave oil as the residue starts to breakdown. Regular maintenance of your shaving equipment is pivotal to improving the shave.

A good mirror and bright lighting are essential if you want the best results from your shave. We cannot stress enough how important it is to shave in the direction of your individual hair growth. Shaving against the grain will only increase the likelihood of ingrowing hairs, razor burn and skin irritation. 

Lift your chin & pull on the skin to flatten & tighten it, particularly around the neck area which can prove quite troublesome. The single most important piece of advice should be to take your time & concentrate. The end result will be worth it.

Treat your skin

You've done the hard work & your skin has been given a pretty torrid time during the shave. It's time now to sooth & moisturise your face with a high quality Skin Food or Balm. We recommend our Naturally Vitalising Skin Food as the perfect way to nourish your face & leave it soothed, moisturised & refreshed.

Good grooming will leave you looking younger & feeling more self confident. We are widely regarded as the world's leading shaving brush manufacturer & supplier of male grooming requisites - let us change the way you shave.

Thank you.

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