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Wee Scot

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  • Wee Scot
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  • The smallest brush that Simpsons make, irresistibly engraved with the company founder Alexander Simpson's signature and filled with Best Badger Hair.

    The Wee Scot was produced initially to test the craftsmanship & dexterity of the knot bundlers. All of their skills would be needed to produce a perfectly formed but ever so small badger knot. Today the Wee Scot is still made by those painstaking methods but do not be kidded by the miniature nature of this little diamond, this brush will still deliver a wonderful lather & satisfying shave.

    Wee Scot approximate brush specifications:

    Overall brush height - 68mm
    Handle height - 30mm
    Knot loft - 38mm
    Knot diameter - 13mm
    Weight - 19g

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  • An amazing wee shaving brush

    I use the Wee Scot as my shaving brush of preference both at home and when travelling (carried in a Simpsons small size travel tube, or, when travelling really light/rough and shaving down the grams, an empty plastic medication tube). I use it with a shaving soap stick or shaving cream for face lathering, using the paint brush stroke and avoiding the circular motion of a soap bowl and mug which Simpsons warns against in their enclosed leaflet. The brush has sufficient spine to it and soft ends to the badger hairs, creating just the right depth of lather for a great shave. The size and weight has to be seen and felt to be believed. An amazing wee shaving brush.


  • Great Brush

    This little gem works great, especially if you sport a goatee or beard. It lathers very well and is economical on soap. I have either a goatee or full beard, and my Wee Scot does a great job, holding enough soap for a full 2 pass shave with touch-ups. I face lather and the Wee Scot feels nice on my face. I don’t know that I would have it as an only brush, but it is a fun addition to my den and gets frequent use.


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