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Farringdon Boar Bristle faux Ivory

Product Farringdon Boar Bristle faux Ivory Simpsons  Mens

  • Farringdon Boar Bristle faux Ivory
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  • Alexander Simpson are delighted to introduce our long awaited Farringdon Boar Bristle shaving brush in faux Ivory.

    We have been asked many times why we haven't added a boar bristle offering within our shaving brush line up. Well, here it is, and what a fine brush we have produced in terms of price point, aesthetics and performance.

    Farringdon approximate brush specifications:

    Overall brush height - 103mm

    Knot height - 52mm

    Handle height - 51mm

    Knot diameter - 19mm

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  • Tidy!

    It’s refreshing to see Simpson bucking the trend for oversized knots on their recent two new entries into the boar brush market. The Farringdon is a tidy package with a very nice looking handle. Some new brushes shed hairs initially and this is one of them, although not uncommon and not a concern yet, as things seem to be slowing down some. This is a scrubby brush at 52mm height, but balances out nicely with the 19mm width. It feels great in hand and easily whipped up abundant lather. I think this brush will require time to slowly break in and see it’s full potential…the beauty of boars!

    Graham Macdonald

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