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BLACK FRIDAY SALE M7 Manchurian Badger faux Ebony

Product M7 Manchurian Badger faux Ebony Simpsons  Mens

  • BLACK FRIDAY SALE M7 Manchurian Badger faux Ebony
  • BLACK FRIDAY SALE M7 Manchurian Badger faux Ebony
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  • The M7 is one of the original Alexander Simpson brush designs pre-dating back to 1919 around the time the company was founded in the East End of London. 

    As such, the handle is synonymous within the shaving aficionado community. It is a brush handle replicated by other manufacturers many times, but never bettered.

    This Limited Edition M7 is turned using our stunning Limited Edition faux Ebony rod & densely filled with our uniquely sourced Manchurian High Mountain White Badger.

    M7 Manchurian Badger approximate brush specifications:

    Overall brush height - 110mm
    Handle height - 60mm
    Knot loft - 50mm
    Knot diameter - 22mm

    The ultimate bowl lathering brush!

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  • 100% perfection achieved ~ a truly fantastic brush !

    I own or rather have owned over 10 so called "top brushes" in my time.. however none come close to Simpsons for quality. My Simpsons M7 Manchurian is out of all, simply the #1 by a true country mile. It works with perfection giving a consistent result that .is simply unmatched by any others. It is baby soft on the face, yet strong too and lathers like nothing else and #1 in quality. Don't hesitate buying here.You will not regret. When you buy a m7 you are getting quality that is unequalled by any others and also with the knowledge that its handmade by real experts in the Isle of Man too. Many Thanks Simpsons for such a fantastic brush


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