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Chubby 2 Platinum Fibre faux Ivory

Product Chubby 2 Platinum Fibre faux Ivory Simpsons  Mens

  • Chubby 2 Platinum Fibre faux Ivory
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  • The undisputed King of the synthetic fibre shaving brush world is now available here in our classic faux Ivory handle.

    The iconic Chubby 2 handle is densely packed with our exclusively developed Platinum Grade synthetic bristle to produce the most luxurious face feel you are ever likely to encounter & explosive lathering results. 

    It would be difficult to find a better looking grooming tool.

    Simpson Chubby 2 Platinum Grade Synthetic Bristle approximate specifications:

    Overall brush height - 94mm

    Handle height - 44mm

    Loft - 50mm

    Knot diameter - 27mm

    To achieve that perfect rich lather we recommend using back & forth or paint brush strokes with all our synthetic bristle offerings.

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  • 5 stars

    Fantastic brush, feels great synthetic brushes these days are incredible it’s definitely worth it.

    Simon Dequan

  • 5 stars

    Fantastic brush, feels great synthetic brushes these days are incredible it’s definitely worth it.

    Simon Dequan

  • My best synthetic brush, period.

    I have had a few synthetic brushes from various brands, but none was as good as the Simpson CH2. I have used this brush for over a year now, almost daily, and it is almost perfect. The knot feels luxurious, with just the right amount of backbone, and it whips up a ton of lather. The handle is just the right size in the hand, and is beautifully lathe turned. The only minus; the long drying time for a synthetic. Undoubtedly because of the dense knot, and a small price to pay for an excellent lather machine.


  • .....and after 6 months

    Didn't rush to write this. Owner of a Simpson's Best Badger, could they do themselves justice while I'm receiving a pat on the back from my vegetarian son?
    Yes, well worth the money and no compromise on quality l would thoroughly recommend this and now I'm looking for a travel one for when I eventually get back to post lockdown holidaying!


  • Luxury

    I have three Chubby 2 synthetics of various handle colours but I chose to put my review here as the knots are the same, and Limited Edition reviews will disappear when that particular handle is out of stock.

    I consider the Chubby 2 synthetic to be a luxury brush. It looks high end, it feels high end in the hand, and it feels high end on the face. It works like a charm, with soft fibres and plenty of back bone due to a very dense knot. It's not a face masher but works very well for me as a face latherer. I find circular swirling action on the face, both possible and enjoyable.

    The 27mm knot feels smaller than it is because these synths don't bloom like natural fibres, so yes it's a big brush but not stupidly big. My three versions all have a 50mm loft.

    The handles have a heft to them and feel quality. My faux Butterscotch and faux ruby are stunning objects, and the faux ebony, well it's black but not disappointing, with it's deep shine.

    Spoil yourself. Go mad. Treat yourself to some luxury. Get a Chubby 2 synthetic.


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