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Product Natur Simpsons  Mens

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  • This long awaited & eagerly anticipated Simpson luxury shaving cream has been formulated to deliver the smoothest and most vitalising shaving experience yet for the traditional wet shaver.

    Only the smallest amount of cream is needed with the generous addition of water to produce a rich, creamy, silky smooth & extremely decadent lather resulting in a remarkably close shave. The cream is scented only with pure essential oils & herb extracts and no added fragrance.

    We guarantee that this luxury cream will enhance your whole wet shaving experience, leaving you revitalised and your skin feeling fresh and super smooth.

    The 125ml pot of Simpson shaving cream should last for a minimum of two months and represents excellent value for money.

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  • Smooth

    Very nice underrated shave cream. Everyone talks about the other big names but this is in my top two easily. I never have any irritation issues when using the unscented version that I purchased. I’m excited to see the new scents when they come out.


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