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BLACK FRIDAY SALE M7 Manchurian Badger Liquid Gold

Product M7 Manchurian Badger Liquid Gold Simpsons  Mens

  • BLACK FRIDAY SALE M7 Manchurian Badger Liquid Gold
  • BLACK FRIDAY SALE M7 Manchurian Badger Liquid Gold
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  • The M7 is one of the original Alexander Simpson brush designs pre-dating back to 1919 around the time the company was founded in the East End of London. 

    As such, the handle is synonymous within the shaving aficionado community. It is a brush handle replicated by other manufacturers many times, but never bettered.

    This M7 is turned using our stunning Limited Edition Liquid Gold rod & densely filled with our uniquely sourced Manchurian High Mountain White Badger.

    M7 Manchurian Badger approximate brush specifications:

    Overall brush height - 110mm
    Handle height - 60mm
    Knot loft - 50mm
    Knot diameter - 22mm

    The ultimate bowl lathering brush!

    Special Edition brushes are entirely unique, no two brushes are the same (markings and hues throughout the handle will vary)

    Please note these brushes are all made to order (manufacturing time estimated between 10 - 14 days)

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  • Lather Machine

    Got this one from my wife as a gift for birthday.
    It looks wonderful.
    It's a big brush. Love the handle a lot, very ergonomical - specially for a guy with big hands like me. Good for lathering both directly on the face or in a bowl - I use both techniques.
    Excellent backbone but gentle on the face.
    It's a very generous lather producer brush . It's not an hog lather. And there's this moment when it provokes an explosion of lather in the bowl.
    Just amazing.
    Keep the good work.

    Jose Paulo Neuparth

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